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If your organisation is not featured in the catalogue, you can fill in and return us this questionnaire (please, send an email to tatiana.retunskaia /at/

Report on technology-transfer opportunities and bottlenecks in the EPC (download)
Publishable report on the final results of the four R2I pilot projects (download)

Technology Transfer Summer School in Tallinn, June 2014
Presentations and handouts

1) Roadmap for Validating and Seizing Opportunities (download)
Prof. Raphaël H Cohen, PhD

2) Creative Negotiation Technique (download)
Henning Sejer Jakobsen

3) Making the Business Case of Technology Opportunities: ”Where’s the Beef?” (download)
Max Nielsen, PhD

4) Contractual issues in the technology transfer process between publicly funded research and private industry (download)
Thomas Gering, PhD


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