Intelligentsia Consultants

Intelligentsia Consultants provides high quality, practical, knowledge-based consultancy services to support science, technology and innovation in the public and private sectors. Intelligentsia has extensive experience in managing public funded R&D related projects. The company is located in Luxembourg. Its service portfolio is focused on five key areas: innovation management; technology transfer; policy analysis and design; evaluation and impact assessment; and information and communication services.


TII Association Européenne pour le Transfert des Technologies ASBL

TII is Europe’s largest, longest-standing, independent grouping of innovation support and technology transfer organizations. It currently has some 185 members in 40 countries, who come from both the private and public sectors and are active in R&D exploitation, business incubation, IP negotiation, technology brokerage and licensing, prototype and new product development, technology audits and innovation management, company spin-off and start-up support, as well as innovation policy advice and development. Members' expertise covers the full technological spectrum and all types of innovation projects.

Technological Education Institute of Piraeus

TEI Piraeus is a public university-level education and research Institute, established in 1983 and currently located in Piraeus (Greece). Current enrolment is around 15,000 undergraduate and 500 graduate students; faculty is comprised of 160 tenured and about 800 adjunct professors while administration and technical staff is about 300. Faculty of Technological Applications is comprised of 7 Departments that cover basic engineering areas (electrical, electronics, automation, computers, mechanical, civil and textile). In particular, Departments of Automation, Computer and Electronics Engineering are actively engaged research activities spanning electronic devices and new materials, sensors/sensor networks, smart antennae and E/M propagation applications and textiles-electronics integrated products.

Cybernetica AS

Cybernetica AS is a private research and development company, original equipment manufacturer and solutions provider active in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It was established in 1997 during reorganisation of the Institute of Cybernetics (IOC) of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Its total number of employees is about 100. The main activity areas are information security systems and services, large-scale information systems, and marine navigation systems. All the areas are supported by basic and applied research.

Institute of Applied Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

The Institute of Applied Physics of ASM (IAP-ASM) has the following priorities: the fundamental and applied investigations in physics of condensed matter: crystalline, non-crystalline and nanostructured materials, electronics and quantum optics, design of high technologies and multifunctional electronic, optoelectronic and photonic devices. The research profile of the Recording Media and Photonics Laboratory is "Physics and engineering of noncrystalline materials, photonic and optoelectronic devices". Lab. team carries out the study of optoelectronics and optical sensors, holography, holographic interferometry, new phenomena concerning photo-induced absorption, photoluminescence and light amplification in chalcogenide glasses and polymers, as well as elaboration of registration media and holographic information technologies.

Redinet CJSC

REDINET CJSC is the leading system integrator company acting in regional telecom market with branches in Georgia, Lebanon, Cyprus, Iraq. Company provides wide range of services in the sphere of network infrastructure construction based on fibre optics, GSM technologies, as well as turn-key projects of telecom integration including design, supply, installation, commissioning and further maintenance of deployed telecom networks. The company also provides hardware and software based solutions for SMEs in the sphere of corporate IT security, cyber security solutions and IT applications.

Institute for Physical Research of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

IPR-NAS is a state non-trade organization in the system of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Being one of the leading scientific organizations in Armenia, IPR-NAS currently conducts research in 12 scientific laboratories in the frame of 1 “basic”, 2 “thematic”, and 1 “applied” state-funded projects in the following fields: laser physics; atomic physics; laser spectroscopy; quantum optics; quantum information; nonlinear optics; matter wave physics; photonics; crystal optics, thin films and surface structures; solid-state laser materials; development and growth of laser and scintillation crystals; high-temperature uperconductivity; nanomaterials and nanostructures; metamaterials; development of lasers, laser components and systems; scientific and innovative instrumentation and material technologies.

United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

UIIP-NASB is the leading Belarusian governmental institution in the fields of ICT and space research. It is an associate member of GEANT 3 project, represents Belarus in TERENA and participates in the EC-funded BalticGrid-II project. It is the Belarusian coordinator and principal executor of three past and present Russian-Belarusian supercomputer programs. UIIP-NASB has set up Belarusian Grid CA and has obtained full accreditation from EUGridPMA for the CA. It operates the network of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus which is connected to the pan-European research network GEANT. UIIP-NASB runs central services for gLite sites in Belarus and governs the operation centre for UNICORE national Grid segment.

Scientific and Technological Association “Infopark”

The Scientific and Technological Association Infopark is the largest private voluntary union of software developing companies in the Republic of Belarus. Legal status: Non-profit organization. Infopark unites 69 enterprises and organizations of various patterns of ownership and provides employment for more than 12000 people. Among them – more than 11 000 IT professionals. Being a fast-developing and socially responsible business, the companies of the Association Infopark render assistance to development of Belarusian IT educational system, high-skilled personnel consolidation, conducting interbranch research and raising competitive abilities of the IT enterprises.

Georgian Technical University

The Georgian Technical University (GTU) was established in 1922. GTU is the leading engineering and educational centre of Georgia and the Caucasus region. It has about 1100 academic staff and 18 000 students involved in science and technology in natural and applied sciences and engineering disciplines. GTU has been successfully involved in many national and international advance research and technology projects. Currently, GTU research labs are working on programmes and projects related to novel information technologies, chemical and material technologies, bio technologies, machinery building, civil engineering, water management and many others.

Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

ISP-NASU is the chief institution of the Scientific Council of NAS Ukraine on the problem “Physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices”. It carries out investigations and scientific technological works in the field of physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices, semiconductor materials science, optics and spectroscopy, optoelectronics, sensorics, diagnostics and certification of materials, IR photoelectronics, and semiconductor solar energetics. The Institute’s staff comprise of 87 Dr. habil and over 200 PhD. ISP-NASU has founded several scientific schools: Physics of semiconductors, Theory of Solid State, Optics and Spectroscopy, Physics of Surface and microelectronics.

Technology Business Incubator “Kharkov Technologies” Non-Profit Organisation

KT was established in 1998 as the first technology business incubator within the system of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the purpose of increasing efficiency of scientific and innovation activity of the academic and research institutions, improvement of their professional links with the World, including European scientific community, establishment of contacts with universities and research laboratories, involvement young scientists and students into scientific activities, professional development of scientists in the field of innovations, protection of intellectual property rights and commercialization of research, search for partners, customers and investors.

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