Towards secure quantum communication technologies

IPR-NAS will develop and disseminate to Redinet a quantum repeater protocol based on the deterministic storage of a single photon in atomic ensembles confined in distant hollow-core photonic crystal fibres. The relevant studies will focus on capability of this system to transfer the information over long distances with a much higher rate as compared to previous protocols, thereby alleviating the limitations on the quantum memory lifetime by several orders of magnitude. IPR-NAS will also investigate the quantum key distribution both in free space and in optical fibre. Since the telecom fibres support the light propagation with minimal losses at a wavelength of around 1.5 μm, while the atomic-based quantum memories operate at visible wavelengths, our next aim is to develop a mechanism that enables efficient conversion of the quantum information frequency between different regions of light spectrum. Redinet will be aimed at achievement of communication integration and compensation of shortfalls of existing algorithms of synchronous and asynchronous encryption and ensuring simplification of the whole process by means of increasing productivity and reliability. Redinet will also focus on the dissemination and implantation of quantum communication technologies in Armenia ensuring the standardization and security of communication equipment.

Inco-Net EaP



This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 609534.