Recently, a group of researchers from the Institute of Physical Research of the National Academy of Science of Armenia, in collaboration with scientists from the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Science in Nizhni Novgorod and the Centre of Strong Field Physics at the Yerevan State University in Armenia, published an article in Laser Physics entitled "Heralded generation of single photons entangled in multiple temporal modes with controllable waveforms".

The article is available here.


A Gogyan1, N Sisakyan1, R Akhmedzhanov2 and Yu Malakyan1,3

1 Institute for Physical Research, Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Ashtarak-2, 0203, Armenia
2 Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 46 Ul'yanova str., Nizhni Novgorod, 603950, Russia
3 Centre of Strong Field Physics, Yerevan State University, 1 A. Manukian St., Yerevan 0025, Armenia


Time-bin entangled single-photons are highly demanded for long distance quantum communication. We propose a heralded source of tunable narrowband single photons entangled in well-separated multiple temporal modes (time bins) with controllable amplitudes. The detection of a single Stokes photon generated in a cold atomic ensemble via Raman scattering of a weak write pulse heralds the preparation of one spin excitation stored within the atomic medium. A train of read laser pulses deterministically converts the atomic excitation into a single anti-Stokes photon delocalized in multi-time-bins. The waveforms of bins are well-controlled by the read pulse parameters. A scheme to measure the phase coherence across all time bins is suggested. 

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 609534.